Important for increasing water and nutrient absorption and enhancing oxygen levels to your lawn’s roots.

Dethatching / Power Raking

Thatch is organic, therefore good. Too much of a good thing, however, can keep moisture and oxygen from getting to where it needs to be. This process will remove around 75% of your lawn’s thatch. It is also helpful for cleaning up vole damage after a Park City winter.


Pre-emergent fertilizer needs to be put down as early in the season as possible. In addition to providing nutrients to your lawn, it prevents the germination of weed seeds.


We have a great in-house gardener who solely focuses on landscaped beds. This is a time to schedule her to start cleaning beds.

Sprinkler Turn-on

This process involves turning on your irrigation’s water source, testing each zone for proper coverage, fixing any issues, and setting up the timer for proper water levels.



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